January 28, 2022

I constantly talk to my patients about how keeping your gut healthy is essential to clear skin, whatever your actual skin issue is. Simply put, the gut lining houses very important metabolites that are important to maintaining the body’s inflammatory response.

January 28, 2022

The good news is that we can improve the terrain so that your gut heals faster and more permanently. I think this is why my docs and I are successful at treating patients who have all but given up. Yes it’s possible: no relapsing back into symptoms every few months — isn’t this what we all want?

seasonal flu prevention
January 18, 2019

CDC recommends precautions for Influenza 2017-2018 for high-risk populations: 6 months of age or older 65 and older High risk caregivers Pregnant women Chronic conditions: diabetes, asthma, heart disease​ TAKE 3: Main actions Vaccinate-against current strain STOP Germs-wash hands Antivirals-24-48 hours post +test